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Compare the Ford Expedition to the GMC Yukon

Pasco, Washington residents use their SUVs for a wide variety of tasks. Some are simple like loading the groceries in the rear cargo space; other options are helpful for passengers, like adding a third row of seats to hold eight comfortably. Unlike the GMC Yukon and other full-size SUVs, Expedition offers a wide choice of interior arrangements to meet your needs. For example, you can fold down the second row and give third-row occupants a limousine-like passenger space.

The Expedition is a great choice for personal or family vehicle because it offers many options and capabilities. 

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A Few Good Places to Take Your Expedition This Summer

We believe the new Ford Expedition is the ultimate road-trip vehicle. This three-row SUV is absolutely massive. The only thing more comfortable to drive across the country with your family in would be a camper... but a camper doesn't get an EPA-estimated 21mpg highway, does it?

Some of the most beautiful national parks in the country are just a few day's drive from the Pasco area.

Head south to California, and you'll…

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