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The Greener Side with the 2016 Ford Focus Electric

Getting on the greener side of the fence is easier when you choose to shop with our favorite American automaker, and the 2016 Ford Focus Electric is an excellent vehicle to climb inside. Being all-electric, it means that you'll never have to stop at a gas station ever again - unless you want a snack, of course - and it means that oil changes are a thing of the past. Take a look below to learn more about the 2016 Focus Electric and discover why it could change your life:


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Stay Spider-Free All Summer with This Quick Tip from Ford

The weather is hot, the bugs are out, and it's inevitable that a few will end up in the cabin of your vehicle. However, if a few of those bugs are arachnids and you're tired of discovering one climbing on you as you head down the road, Ford has the perfect solution for you.

By solution, we literally mean a solution consisting of one and a half cups of water and 20 drops of peppermint oil. Mix it up and spray it around your car for two benefits: no more spiders and your cabin will smell minty fresh…

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2016 Ford Flex is a Full-Size Crossover Not Like the Others

It seems to us at Corwin of Pasco that our esteemed American automaker has taken it upon itself to shake up the full-size SUV segment. Seemingly sick of copycat crossovers, Ford quite clearly took a fresh approach to things when building the 2016 Flex.

Yet what, aside from its distinctive style, sets it apart? Autotrader reviewer, Jabari Jones, addresses this question and more in the clip below. Have at it:

Stuffed to the brim with outstanding onboard amenities, the Flex's base trim type -- the SE -- is sure to make one persuasive push for your patronage.

Standard features on this…

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In a recent video review of the all-new 2016 Ford Explorer, Road Test Editor, Mike Schlee, is quick to term the vehicle "America's SUV." It's no doubt a fair assessment, as this Explorer's been nothing short of legendary for the blue oval brand since its debut way back in 1990.

Wondering what the best qualities of the latest iteration are? Well, wonder no more, as Mr. Schlee intends to deliver the necessary details:

Providing an inimitable blend of fun and frugality is the Explorer's mid-level engine option, the EcoBoost.

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