Protect Your Vehicle’s Tires with These Few Tips

If you want your tires to last for as long as possible, then you need to regularly clean them. Brake dust and road grime will eventually eat away at the protective coating on the outside of your tires, and that could result in a catastrophic blowout. Here are simple cleaning tips that you can use to keep your wheels and tires ready for the road.

A wire brush, fresh water, and a cleaner that was specifically designed for rubber are the only items that you need for this project. The label of the cleaner should say that it won’t remove any protective tire coating. Once or twice a month, you can use the brush and those liquids to carefully wipe down the sidewalls and the wheels.

If you have questions regarding your vehicle’s tires or any other parts, please call our service center here at Corwin Ford Tri-Cities today at our Pasco location to speak with one of our friendly and experienced mechanics.

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