Simple Off-Roading Tips for Beginners to Get You Rolling

The crew working here at Corwin of Pasco wanted to share some beginner off-road tips that should get you well on your way without incident.

Investing in bigger tires will certainly make it easier for your off-road vehicle to navigate more challenging conditions. The larger tires will be able to grip slick surfaces and allow you to roll over certain obstacles that smaller vehicles are going to get stuck on. The larger tires will keep the bottom of the vehicle from getting damaged too.

Investing in a lift kit as a beginner will help make your time off-road more enjoyable. Not only will there be more clearance for the bigger tires, but the frame will be lifted high enough to ensure all those obstructions in the woods aren't getting stuck under your vehicle.

Bring your off-road vehicle to our service center here at Corwin of Pasco and we can give it a full inspection to help you avoid issues on the trails.

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