Compare the Ford Expedition to the GMC Yukon

Pasco, Washington residents use their SUVs for a wide variety of tasks. Some are simple like loading the groceries in the rear cargo space; other options are helpful for passengers, like adding a third row of seats to hold eight comfortably. Unlike the GMC Yukon and other full-size SUVs, Expedition offers a wide choice of interior arrangements to meet your needs. For example, you can fold down the second row and give third-row occupants a limousine-like passenger space.

The Expedition is a great choice for personal or family vehicle because it offers many options and capabilities. It is easy to drive and maneuver in city driving, and it has the power to spare for long trips and hauling boats and trailers. The Expedition has best in class safety, advanced technology, and innovations to meet your needs and preferences.

We invite you to come in and look at the new features. At Corwin of Pasco, we are happy to answer questions and provide information on this versatile vehicle. Come in and take a test drive; you can enjoy the best in class Ford Expedition experience.

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