Ford Fiesta ST is the Coolest Affordable Performance Hatchback in Pasco... Let's Hope We Get the 2018 Redesign!

For performance drivers looking to make a big impression on a small budget, nothing comes close to the highly-praised Ford Fiesta ST.

Though it carries a premium over its pedestrian standard version, you can still buy one brand new for under $25,000. Its 197-horsepower EcoBoost engine packs just enough power for its lightweight subcompact size, making it fun and fuel efficient at the same time. Modified versions are a favorite for rally and rallycross events.

The 2018 Ford Fiesta will mark the first of the model's seventh generation—a full redesign, complete with new engine offerings, more advanced tech, and better safety equipment.

There's just one problem.

Ford hasn't said whether or not it will be sold in North America. In fact, one insider at Ford Germany outright told an automotive website that the 2018 Fiesta won't be marketed in the U.S., citing declining sales.

It's very possible this could spell the end for the Ford Fiesta's short run in Pasco.

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